Long Boarding Ladies Club.

Having only ever rolled around on regular skateboards I always thought longboarding was goofy{get it? haha} but this
crew of gals makes me wish I was 17 again and had a bunch of friends to surf the turf with.Frickin a, maybe I'll just get
one anyway and scoot around Oakland solo mio...somehow the idea of buying a longboard gives me that weird feeling of imagining myself purchasing roller-blades though.

Maybe some big wheels on a normal sized board?
Shoot, but then I won't be able to choregraph some sweet boardwalking moves.

What's an 33 year old girl to do?


Jessica said...

how do you find such great videos!? love it!

Flora said...

I have been dying to learn how to skateboard, and I want to buy a longboard. I haven't skated since the 4th grade (and I'm 28 now!).

{ M E G } said...

I just offered to teach a co-worker how to ollie the other day....it's never too late to learn!