In the bathroom.

I love these bathroom walls....our tile is carnation pink, so I'm opting to go with a stark black and white motif for the art and borders of things (ie. mirror and frames.) 

Do you have a designed bathroom? Or is it the last in line in your home?



Anonymous said...

bathroom is sketchy art wise. it is nice when the shower is separate from other business. then framed art = ok. otherwise i'm at a loss. i usually just stick to pretty show fliers that i'm not attached to. - adam

{ M E G } said...

I feel ya....hence my printing of some silhouettes and letters at kinkos for mine!

Acrylic paint is also fair game for bathrooms in my opionion~

Anonymous said...

oh that's right. yeah, your jh painting seems to have faired well. hey, i miss you. happy friday. adam