Design by committee?

I just can't let this go.

You've seen the movie Drive right? Well you should, dummy.
Besides the phenomenal soundtrack, stellar acting, finely-honed cinematography...
the graphic design by Megan Greydanus is fantastic. 80s throwback script in hot pink.
How anti-tough anti-Hollywood simply HOT.
I was in love at first type.

Exhibit A– credits depicting pink type & nightcall by kavinsky

I first spotted this awesomeness on the wheat-pasted movie posters around town.

Exhibit B– Movie poster with pink type treatment

Handsomely pink, right? Confident & challenging...and in my opinion, conceptually sound.
(Jonee says it's subversively sexy....hell yes.) after years in corporate and less-corporate design...
my only rationalization of the DVD art is that a bunch of non-designers, money-hungry execs decided this
pink "sassy" type treatment would not appeal to men who enjoy films like The Fast & the Furious. 

(Also please note the improperly placed scorpion on the chest of the jacket. With minimal costume
changes, this is an additional thoughtless adjustment to a carefully considered element.)

In closing...frak. I just miss the pink type.

Exhibit C– dvd cover...sans pink type

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